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The Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008

Short title, Extent and commencement Section 1 Definitions Section 2 Incorporation Section 3 Jurisdiction Section 4 Objectives of the University Section 5 Powers and Functions of the University Section 6 University open to all persons irrespective of gender, class or creed Section 7 The Chancellor Section 8 Officers of the University Section 9 Vice-Chancellor Section 10 Powers, duties and functions of the Vice-Chancellor Section 11 Removal of the Vice-Chancellor Section 12 Powers, Duties and Functions of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Section 12B Removal of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Section 12C The Dean Section 13 The Registrar Section 14 The Financial Adviser Section 14A The Finance Officer Section 15 Other Officers Section 16 Authorities of the University Section 17 The Court Section 18 The Executive Council Section 19 The Academic Council Section 20 The Board of Studies Section 21 The Board of Planning Section 22 The Board of Affiliation Section 23 The Schools of Studies Section 24 The Finance Committee Section 25 Other Authorities Section 26 Powers to make Statutes Section 27 Statutes, how made Section 28 Powers to make Ordinances Section 29 Regulations Section 30 Nonimations and appointments by the Chancellor Section 31 Annual Report Section 32 Funds Section 33 Accounts and Audit Section 34 Furnishing of Returns etc. Section 35 Conditions of service of employees Section 36 Right to appeal Section 37 Provided and pension funds Section 38 Disputes as to constitution of University authorities and bodies Section 39 Filling of casual vacancies Section 40 Proceedings of the University authorities or bodies not invalidated by vacancies Section 41 Protection of action in good faith Section 42 Mode of proof of University record Section 43 Power to remove difficulties Section 44 Transitional provisions Section 45 Statutes and Ordinances to be published in the Official Gazette and to be laid before the Legislature Section 46