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Universtiy Acts.

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. pdf Download
11. Setion-18, Senate, 18, Sec. 18, Sec.-18, Section 18 pdf Acts_Senate_18.pdf Download
10. Bihar University Act 1976, Bihar Universities Act 1976 pdf Acts_Bihar_State_University_Act_1976.pdf Download
9. NOU ACT 1995, Nalanda Open University Act 1995, NOU pdf Acts_Nalanda_Open_University_Act_1995.pdf Download
8. Acts_AKU_Act_2008.pdf pdf AKU ACT 2008, Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act 2008, AKU Download
7. Section-14A, Proctor, appointment of Proctor, Proctor Appointment, Tenure of Proctor, Proctor Tenure, Duties of Proctor, 14A, Proctor Duty, Proctor duties, Sec.14, Sec.-14, Section 14A, 14A, Sec. 14A pdf Acts_Proctor_14A.pdf Download
6. Section-14, Dean student welfare, appointment of Dean student welfare, duties of Dean student welfare, Dean Student Welfare duty, Sec.-14, Sec. 14, 14 pdf Acts_Dean_students_welfare_14.pdf Download
5. Section-15, Registrar, Registrar Appointment, Appointment of Registrar, Power of Registrar, Registrar Power, Transfer of Registrar, Secretary to the Senate, Secretary Senate, Secretary Syndicate, Secretary Academic Council, Section 15, sec.15, sec.-15, 15 pdf Acts_Registar_Details.pdf Download
4. Section-12A, FA, Appointment of Financial Advisor, FA, Term of Financial Advisor, Power of Financial Advisor, FA, 12A, Sec. 12A, Sec.-12A, Financial Advisor term, FA Power, Financial Advisor Power, FA Appointment, Appointment of FA pdf Acts_Financial_Adviser_12A_Details.pdf Download
3. Section-16, Power of FO, FO Power, Finance Officer, FO, Power of Finance Officer, Finance Officer Power, Secretary to the Finance Committee, Section 16, Sec. 16, Sec.-16, 16 pdf Acts_Finance_Officer_Details.pdf Download
2. Section-10 VC, VC Appointment, Appointment of Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor Appointment, Appointment of VC, Selection of Vice Chancellor, Search Committee, Consultation with the State Govt, Term of Vice Chancellor, Power of Vice Chancellor, Removal of the Vice Chancellor, sec. 10, sec-10, sec.-10, 10 pdf Acts_Vice_Chancellor_Details.pdf Download
1. Sec. 9, Chancellor, role of Chancellor, power of chancellor, inspection of university, transfer of Officer, honorary degree, convocation, Section-9, Section 9, Section-9, Sec 9, Sec.-9, 9 pdf Acts_Chancellor_Details.pdf Download