The Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008

Section 28

28. Statutes, how made
(1) The First Statutes shall be made by the Government on the recommendation of the Court. (2) The Executive Council may, from time to time, make new a additional Statutes or may amend or repeal the Statutes referred to in sub-section (1): Provided that the Executive Council shall not make, amend or repeal any Statutes affecting the status, powers or constitution of any authority of the University until such authority has been given an opportunity of expressing its opinion in writing on the proposed change, and any opinion so expressed shall be considered by the Executive Council. (3) Every new Statute or addition to the Statutes or any amendment or repeal thereof a Statute shall require the assent of the Chancellor, who may assent thereto or withhold his assent or remit it to the Executive Council for reconsideration. (4) A new Statute or a Statute amending or repealing an existing Statute shall have no validity unless it has been assented by the Chancellor: Provided that if the Chancellor does not convey his decision within ninety days of the reference received by him, the Chancellor shall be deemed to have given his assent to the Statute.

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