The Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008

Section 12

12. Removal of the Vice-Chancellor
(1) If at any time and after such enquiry as may be considered necessary, it appears, to the Chancellor that the Vice-Chancellor- (a) has failed to discharge any duty imposed upon him, by or under this Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances, or (b) has acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the University, or (c) has been incapable of managing the affairs of the University, the Chancellor may, notwithstanding the fact that the term of office of the
Vice-Chancellor has not expired, require the Vice-Chancellor, by an order in writing stating the reasons therof, and after consulting the State Government, to resign his post from the date as may be specified in the order. (2) No orders under sub-section (1) shall be passed unless a notice stating the specific grounds on which such action is proposed has been served and a reasonable opportunity to show cause against the proposed order has been given to the Vice-Chancellor. (3) On and from the date specified in sub-section (1), it shall be deemed that the Vice-Chancellor has resigned his post and office of the Vice-Chancellor shall be deemed vacant. 1[“12A-(1)
The Pro-Vice Chancellor shall be scholar of eminence; (2) The Pro-Vice Chancellor shall be appointed by the State Government; (3) The Pro-Vice Chancellor shall hold his office for a term of three years from the date on which he enters upon his office and he shall be eligible for re-appointment for next one term. The State Government may require the Pro-Vice Chancellor to continue in the office for such period which will not exceed the total period of ony year and as may be specified by the Government after expiry of the term; (4) The emoluments and other conditions of service of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall be as may be prescribed by the State Goernment.

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