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1 Acts_Examination_Board_29.pdfActs Section-29, Examination Board, member of Examination Board, Term of Examination Board, Examination Board Term, Duty of Examination Board, Section 29, sec.-29, sec-29, sec 29, 29, Examination Board, Conduct of Examination, Appointment of Examiner, setter of question Paper, Publication of Examination Result, re-evaluation, re-evaluation of answer book, question setter, reevaluation.pdf Download Open File
2 Acts_The_Finance_Committee_55.pdfActs Section-55. Finance Committee, Member of Finance Committee, Term of Office of Member of Finance Committee, Role of Finance Committee, Function of Finance Committee, Sec-55, sec.-55, sec.-55, Section 55, sec 55, sec55.pdf Download Open File
3 Acts_Power_of_State_Government_to_have_accounts_of_University _or_College_audited_54.pdfActs Power of State Government to have accounts of University or Colleges audited, Power of State Govt. to Audit, Audit of Accounts of Colleges, Audit of Accounts of University, Audit of Accounts.pdf Download Open File
4 Acts_Audit_of_accounts_of_Colleges_53.pdfActs Audit of Accounts of Colleges, Audit of Colleges account, Audit of Accounts, Audit.pdf Download Open File
5 Acts_Account_and_audit_of_University_Fund_52.pdfActs Account and Audit of the University Fund, Audit of the University fund, University Fund, Audit.pdf Download Open File
6 Acts_Objects_to_which_the_University_Fund_may_be_applied_51.pdfActs Objects to which University Fund may be applied, University Fund, university Fund applicable to Objects.pdf Download Open File
7 Acts_Restriction_on_expenditure_not_included_in_Budget_50.pdfActs Restriction on Expenditure not included in the Budget, Restriction on Expenditure.pdf Download Open File
8 Acts_Consideration_of_estimates_by_Senate_49.pdfActs Consideration of estimate by Senate, Consideration of estimate.pdf Download Open File
9 Acts_Approval_of_the_Budget_by_state_Government_48.pdfActs Approval of the Budget, Approval of Budget by State Government, Budget approval.pdf Download Open File
10 Acts_Contribution_by_Government_to_University_46.pdfActs Contribution by Government to the University, Contribution of Fund, Govt. Contribution, Governrment.pdf Download Open File
11 Acts_Establishment_of_the_University_Fund_45.pdfActs University Fund, Establishment of the University Fund.pdf Download Open File
12 Acts_Annual_report_of_the_University_44.pdfActs Annual Report of the University, Annual Report.pdf Download Open File
13 Acts_Students_Union_43.pdfActs Student Union, Students Union.pdf Download Open File
14 Acts_Hostels_42.pdfActs Hostel, Hostels.pdf Download Open File
15 Acts_Rules_40.pdfActs Rule, Rules, What is Rule, How rule is made.pdf Download Open File
16 Acts_Regulations_how_made_39.pdfActs Regulation, How Regulation is made, Making of Regulation.pdf Download Open File
17 Acts_Ordinance_How_made_38.pdfActs How Ordinance is made, Ordinance, Making of Ordinance.pdf Download Open File
18 Acts_Ordinance_37.pdfActs Ordinance, What is Ordinance.pdf Download Open File
19 Acts_Statutes_how_made_36.pdfActs How Statute is made, Statute, Making of Statute.pdf Download Open File
20 Acts_No_Post_for_appointment_35.pdfActs No Post of Appointment to be created shall be created without prior permission of State Government, Post of Appointment to be created, creation of post.pdf Download Open File
21 Acts_Statutes_34.pdfActs Statute, Statutes, What is Statute, University Statute.pdf Download Open File
22 Acts_Department_Council_28.pdfActs Section-28 Departmental Council, Member of Departmental Council, Meeting of Departmental Council, Term of Departmental Council, Sec. 28, Sec.-28, Section 28, sec 28, sec-28, 28.pdf Download Open File
23 Acts_Faculties_of_Kameshwar Singh_Darbhanga_Sanskrit_University_27.pdfActs Section-27, Faculties of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University, Faculties KSDSU Darbhanga, Sec.-27, sec 27, sec-27, section 27, 27, KSDSU Faculties, KSDSU Faculty.pdf Download Open File
24 Acts_Faculties_26.pdfActs Section-26, Faculties, Dean of Faculty, Appointment of Dean of Faculty, Dean of Faculty Appointment, Section-26, sec.-26, sec 26, sec. 26, 26, section 26.pdf Download Open File
25 Acts_Powers_and_duties _of_Academic Council_25.pdfActs Section-25 Power and Duties of Academic Council, Function of Academic Council, Academic Council Power, Academic Council Role, Duties of Academic Council, Academic Council Duty, 25, Section 25, 25, sec 25, sec. 25, sec.-25, sec-25.pdf Download Open File
26 Acts_Academic Council_24.pdfActs Section-24, Academic Council, Term of Member of Academic Council, Academic Council Member term, Section 24, sec. 24, sec.-24, 24.pdf Download Open File
27 Acts_Power_and_duties_of_Syndicate_23.pdfActs Section-23, Power of Syndicate, Syndicate Power, Duties of Syndicate, Syndicate Duty, Function of the Syndicate, Syndicate Function, Role of Syndicate, Syndicate Role, 23, sec.23, sec. 23, sec.-23, 23, section 23.pdf Download Open File
28 Acts_Syndicate_22.pdfActs Section-22, Syndicate, Power of Syndicate, Duties of Syndicate, Member of the Syndicate, Meeting of the Syndicate, Term of Syndicate, Syndicate term, Syndicate power, syndicate duty, syndicate meeting, 22, sec.22, sec. 22, section 22, sec.-22, 22.pdf Download Open File
29 Acts_Powers_duties_Senate_21.pdfActs Section-21, Power of Senate, senate power, Duty duties of Senate, Function of Senate, senate duty, senate duties, sec. 21, sec 21, 21, section 21, sec-21.pdf Download Open File
30 Acts_Meetings_of_the_Senate_20.pdfActs Section-20, Meeting of Senate, 20, Sec.20, sec. 20, sec.-20, section 20.pdf Download Open File
31 Acts_Senate_18.pdfActs Setion-18, Senate, 18, Sec. 18, Sec.-18, Section 18.pdf Download Open File
32 Acts_Bihar_State_University_Act_1976.pdfActs Bihar University Act 1976, Bihar Universities Act 1976.pdf Download Open File
33 Acts_Nalanda_Open_University_Act_1995.pdfActs NOU ACT 1995, Nalanda Open University Act 1995, NOU.pdf Download Open File
34 Acts_AKU_Act_2008.pdfActs AKU ACT 2008, Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act 2008, AKU.pdf Download Open File
35 Acts_Proctor_14A.pdfActs Section-14A, Proctor, appointment of Proctor, Proctor Appointment, Tenure of Proctor, Proctor Tenure, Duties of Proctor, 14A, Proctor Duty, Proctor duties, Sec.14, Sec.-14, Section 14A, 14A, Sec. 14A.pdf Download Open File
36 Acts_Dean_students_welfare_14.pdfActs Section-14, Dean student welfare, appointment of Dean student welfare, duties of Dean student welfare, Dean Student Welfare duty, Sec.-14, Sec. 14, 14.pdf Download Open File
37 Acts_Registar_Details.pdfActs Section-15, Registrar, Registrar Appointment, Appointment of Registrar, Power of Registrar, Registrar Power, Transfer of Registrar, Secretary to the Senate, Secretary Senate, Secretary Syndicate, Secretary Academic Council, Section 15, sec.15, sec.-15, 15.pdf Download Open File
38 Acts_Financial_Adviser_12A_Details.pdfActs Section-12A, FA, Appointment of Financial Advisor, FA, Term of Financial Advisor, Power of Financial Advisor, FA, 12A, Sec. 12A, Sec.-12A, Financial Advisor term, FA Power, Financial Advisor Power, FA Appointment, Appointment of FA.pdf Download Open File
39 Acts_Finance_Officer_Details.pdfActs Section-16, Power of FO, FO Power, Finance Officer, FO, Power of Finance Officer, Finance Officer Power, Secretary to the Finance Committee, Section 16, Sec. 16, Sec.-16, 16.pdf Download Open File
40 Acts_Vice_Chancellor_Details.pdfActs Section-10 VC, VC Appointment, Appointment of Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor Appointment, Appointment of VC, Selection of Vice Chancellor, Search Committee, Consultation with the State Govt, Term of Vice Chancellor, Power of Vice Chancellor, Removal of the Vice Chancellor, sec. 10, sec-10, sec.-10, 10.pdf Download Open File
41 Acts_Chancellor_Details.pdfActs Sec. 9, Chancellor, role of Chancellor, power of chancellor, inspection of university, transfer of Officer, honorary degree, convocation, Section-9, Section 9, Section-9, Sec 9, Sec.-9, 9.pdf Download Open File