The Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008

Section 5

5. Objectives of the University
The University shall have the following objectives:- (1) To develop professional education in response to the changing demands of the modern world and society; (2) To facilitate and encourage teaching, research and estension in the matters connected with professional education including sciences, applied science, arts and social sciences; (3) To facilitate and ensure qualitative improvement in the teaching and learning processes and methodologies; (4) To facilitate and ensure quality research in the contemporary and frontier areas of knowledge in the field; (5) To facilitate the needs for and organize the process thereof for life long learning; (6) To disseminate knowledge and research findings emerging from the University, its institutions or otherwise across the world; (7) To establish partnerships with industries and other entities in all sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and services and develop relationships for achieving its objectives; (8) To facilitate creation and promote knowledge centres in various areas of specialization and disseminate need based relevant information electronically to the client. (9) To serve as an agency of quality improvement for teachers in their respective and interdisciplinary fields and also using modern technology.

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