The Aryabhatta Knowledge University Act, 2008

Section 14A

14A-The Financial Adviser
(1) The Financial Advisor shall be whole time officer of the University; (2) The Financial Advisor shall be appointed by the State Government, officers of Indian Audit & Accounts Service or officers of any other Accounts Service or Chartered Accountant may be appointed through appointment/ deputation; (3) The appointment of the Financial Advisor shall be for three years from the date of appointment, but the State Government, notwithstanding the fact that the term of office of the Financial Advisor has not expired, may terminate the service of the Financial Advisor by an order in writing stating the reasons thereof from the date as may be specified in the order on the ground of financial misbehavior of failure to discharge his duty or incompetence; (4) No order shall be passed under sub-section-(3) till the proposed mentioned grounds, on which action has been proposed, shall be served and adequate opportunities to show cause has been given to the Financial Advisor; ___________________________________ 1. Ins. by Act 9 of 2013.
(5) The emoluments and other conditions of service of the Financial Advisor shall be as prescribed by the University with the approval of State Govrnment; (6) The Financial Advisor shall be responsible for Financial discipline and supervision of the university controlled by the Vice-Chancellor.”

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