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The Bihar Universities Act, 1976

To establish and incorporate Affiliating-cum-Teaching Universities at Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Ranchi, Gaya (Bodhgaya) and Darbhanga in the State of Bihar. Section 1 Definitions.- In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context: Section 2 Establishment and incorporation of Universities. Section 3 Purposes and powers of the University. Section 4 University open to all classes, castes and creeds. Section 5 Teaching of the University. Section 6 Officers of the University. Section 7 Transfer of Officers. Section 8 The Chancellor. Section 9 Persons of the highest level of competence, integrity, morals and institutional commitment are to be appointed as Vice-Chancellor Section 10 Removal of the Vice-Chancellor. Section 11 Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Section 12 Arrangement of work during temporary absence of the Vice-Chancellor Section 13 The Dean of Students’ Welfare Section 14 The Registrar Section 15 The Finance Officer Section 16 Authorities of the University Section 17 The Senate Section 18 Term of office of members of the Senate Section 19 Meetings of the Senate Section 20 Powers and duties of the Senate Section 21 The Syndicate Section 22 Powers and duties of the Syndicate Section 23 The Academic Council Section 24 Powers and duties of the Academic Council Section 25 The Faculties Section 26 Faculties of the Kameshwar Singh, Darbhanga Sanskrit University Section 27 Departmental Council Section 28 The Examination Board Section 29 Holding of examinations Section 30 The Planning and Evaluation Committee Section 31 The Research Council Section 32 Other authorities of the University Section 33 The Statues Section 34 No post for appointment shall be created without the prior sanction of the State Government Section 35 Statues how made Section 36 Ordinances Section 37 Ordinances, how made Section 38 Regulation, how made Section 39 Rules Section 40 3[xxx] Section 41 Hostels Section 42 The Students’ Union Section 43 Annual report of the University Section 44 Establishment of the University Fund Section 45 Contribution by Government to the University Section 46 Annual estimates of income and expenditure of Colleges and University Section 47 Approval of the Budget by the State Government Section 48 Consideration of estimated by the Senate Section 49 Restriction on expenditure not included in the Budget Section 50 Objects to which the University fund may be applied Section 51 Account and audit of the University Fund Section 52 Audit of accounts of Colleges Section 53 Power of the State Government to have accounts of the University or College audited Section 54 The Finance Committee Section 55 Inspection of Colleges Section 56 Appointment to the post of teachers in Universities and their constituent Colleges. Section 57 Implementation of Selection Procedure Section 58 Relation of affiliated College with the University Section 59 The Governing body Section 60 Enrolment of Students in the University Section 61 Appointment of the Commission Section 62 Disputes as to constitution of University authorities and bodies Section 63 Filling of vacancies Section 64 Proceedings of University authorities and bodies not invalidated to vacancies Section 65