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Bihar Agricultural University Act, 2010

An Act to establish and incorporate an University for the Development of Agricultural and Allied Sciences in the State of BiharSection 1 Definitions Section 2 Establishment and Incorporation of the University Section 3 Territorial Jurisdiction and Constituent Bodies Section 4 Objectives of the University Section 5 Admission to the University Section 6 Powers and functions of the University Section 7 Authorities of the University Section 8 Board of Management and its Constitution Section 9 Powers and Functions of the Board of Management Section 10 The Senate Section 11 The power and duties of the Senate Section 12 Academic Council Section 13 Powers and Functions of the Academic Council Section 14 Faculties and Board of Studies Section 15 Provisions in relation to Membership of Authorities Section 16 Validity and Protection of ActSection 17 Officers Section 18 The Chancellor Section 19 The Vice-Chancellor Section 20 Powers and Duties of the Vice-Chancellor Section 21 Other Officers of the University Section 22 Directors, Deans, Registrar, Comptroller etc. Section 23 Appointment, selection and fixation of pay and allowances Section 24 Education Section 25 Research Section 26 Extension Education Section 27 Integration of teaching, research and extension education Section 28 The University Funds Section 29 Management of Funds Section 30 Accounts and Audit Section 31 Provident Fund, Pension and Insurance Section 32 Government Grants Section 33 Finance CommitteeSection 34 StatutesSection 35 Statutes how madeSection 36 Regulations Section 37 Residence of Students Section 38 Annual Report Section 39 Delegation of powersSection 40 Constitution of ad-hoc committee Section 41 Disputes as to institution of University Authorities and Bodies Section 42 Legal ProceedingSection 43 Appointment to posts in connection with the affairs of University Section 44 Transitional Provisions Section 45 Provisions regarding existing Colleges and Institutions Section 46 Removal of difficulties Section 47 Repeal and Saving Section 48